The Legacy Project – Fairview Lodge Whitby – NHFS Funding

The Legacy Project was an eight-month intergenerational and collaborative arts based project bringing together residents in a long term care facility with staff, caregivers, family, friends, youth, and the local community around the subject of Legacy and what that meant to them.   Art With A Heart inc. had a team of 10 people – and interacted with 2000 participants. Our social media campaign had over 8000 followers. The final Artscape was5 (five) – 3 foot by 5 foot mosaic panels that were installed in their garden on a wall as a permanent installation.

This program united a community after a challenging time due to a large fire at the facility that was under construction. It saw new relationships being developed in families, community members coming into the facility, caregiver staff, and staff that often did not interact with residents (kitchen etc.) joined and helped make the final mosaics. This captured the imagination of the community. A brief documentary was also made by The Region Of Durham. (click here) and images of the final pieces.