Speak! Move! Draw! – NHFS Funding

This project encouraged more active seniors to work alongside of less functioning  seniors.  It definitely increasing sociability, and caregivers, some family members, and youth volunteers participating with the seniors at four different senior’s facilities – Durham Christian Homes – Strathaven, Durham Christian Homes –  Marnwood, The Courts of Brooklin, and day program The Lighthouse Retreat in a variety of Expressive Arts workshops in different modalities.

Over the course of 12 visits ranging from 1- 1.5 hours to different sites 291 residents/participants were engaged, 41 Staff members of our project partners, 15 family/visitors, 10 students (AWAH facilitation helps) , 50 Facilitator events, , 1 volunteer (from AWAH). 

Participants from each location were involved in separate sessions in  Zentange,  Poetry and Percussion, and Music and Movement.  Sites were strongly impacted by the level of participation of their residents and the capacity levels that their residents participated at.  There was quite a bit of surprise in the residents ability to make poetry and to do fine drawing work through the Zentangle.  One site was surprised at how much our facilitators were able to get their residents moving during Music and Movement sessions.

Two particular sites (Strathaven and Marnwood) were amazed at how lively their residents were during these sessions, levels of engagement were much higher than with other programs run, and participants moods were brightened and interactions with other residents/staff was very high.  All sites have expressed an interest in having new and ongoing relationship with programs from AWAH.