Corporate Team Building

At the core of team is relationship.  It is the relationship you have with yourself – the better you know yourself, the better capacity you have to know others.  It is the relationship you have with your immediate co-workers, with your supervisors, and with the heads of the company or organization.  It is also being part of a common vision, moving in a given direction, and it is about your relationships and responses to your customers or those that you provide services to.

We like to find out-of-the box ways to bring people together and experience each other in new ways.  We work through an expressive arts framework, which means we could integrate a number of different art-forms throughout the day.  We have used simple “play” that has included improv, we have used painting, we have used art-journals, drama, life maps, clay work…there are so many ways to create a day that gives you a new perspective on each other, and helps build relationships within the team.

We build the day around your goals, we can host you if you have a small group, or you can have us come to your site.  We frame the day with break-out sessions for you to accomplish your work, and breaks for lunch as well.  Contact us to inquire and customize a day for your organization.