Fund Raise for your Group or Organization

Experience a combination “team building” event and “fund raising” event with Art With A Heart Inc.  Avoid the expense and work of galas, or the organizational headaches of bake sale or product sale.  Join us for a fun night out while raising funds for your group/organiztiion.

We make this easy on you – we offer a painting experience called “Let’s Create” where your group has a facilitator/artist that leads them step-by-step through the creation of a painting (the same image is used for all).  The theme and image can be chosen by your organization.  The event can be hosted at the Art With A Heart Inc. Studio, or at the location of your choice.  We provide a snack at our location, as well as drinks (non-alcoholic) such as tea, coffee, juice, and water. 

$18 per person is given back to your cause.  We can host 30-35 people,  all we need from you is 4-6 weeks advance notice and a $100 deposit.