Make Art With A Heart Your Charity of Choice

Were you interested in becoming a PHILANTHROPIST?  You could be someone who donates his or her time, money, talents, and/or reputation to a charitable cause, and that CAN be incredibly rewarding. We see many celebrities that dedicate their time and resources to impacting causes, but YOU too can have a direct impact on your community!

Supporting a charity like ART WITH A HEART INC. has a real impact.  As a grassroots organization, our resources hit the streets fast, helping to offer programs to people who cannot afford it at low or no cost, and even helping them get there by offering bus tickets to them for transportation.  (see our Let’s Create and Connect & Create Programs)

We especially desire to be inclusive in our community by bringing diverse populations together, you may meet some people through art-making that you would never have met before! 

It is our hope to be serving individuals in the margins as well.   Those who may be temporarily unstably housed.  Perhaps those that are not in a position financially to attend programs that they have to pay for.  We desire to support individuals who are struggling with health and mental health issues and are wanting to attend places that feel SAFE and have trained individuals on site that can assist them if they are having any kind of issues like social anxiety.   We also can make accommodations and adaptations for individuals with physical or intellectual special needs.  The ARTS can be a great way to accommodate all of these needs in a caring and supportive environment, with trained facilitators and assistants.

We also want to see those that may be supporting others by being a caregiver, or even families facing ongoing challenges in their day to day lives due to the impact of having family members who have special needs by giving them the opportunity to attend our events and find some respite.  It can be a challenge in these situations to find some personal time, a chance to refresh and be supported by others.  We also encourage these families to come and CREATE together.

By making Art With A Heart Inc. your charity of choice you ARE supporting your community!  These are some of the ways that YOU can impact your community immediately and directly:

  • HOST an event
  • RAISE funds – be creative, have a bake sale, sell items you have created, have dress-down Fridays at work, Euchre tournaments, poker nights, use your imagination to create a special event!
  • Have one of our FUNdraising events and invite workmates, teammates, neighbours, friends, family…you can come to us, or we can come to you!
  • ATTEND our Let’s Create and Connect & Create events, buy one spot for yourself, and one spot for another!
  • Be one of our foundational PILLARS of support by being a personal or corporate monthly donor. We would like to see 12 pillars giving $250 per month.