Join Us

“When you wholeheartedly adopt a ‘with all your heart’ attitude
and go all out with the positive principle, you can do incredible things.”
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, minister, author

Art With a Heart is nourished by its people and partners -- every program, every workshop, every special bursary that opens doors for others.

Volunteer with us to make a direct difference in the lives of your neighbours, and beyond.

Here are some of the many ways you can help:

Join our event co-ordinating team

Art With A Heart hosts more than three large-scale events each year. Our galas showcase artist work and raise funds for future programs. We participate in art and culture celebrations at a community level. And, we host tables, kiosks or booths to show support at events held by other organizations.

We rely on the expertise of our volunteers to create memorable and engaging experiences for guests and participants, We welcome volunteers who can help set up venues, build interest about attending an event, arrange for emcees, and even act as a team leader responsible for organizing elements of the event. Click to volunteer.

Become part of our fundraising team

Donations, sponsorships and grants are the backbone that allows us to run programs, workshops and support events that draw attention to art and social issues. If every person contributes what they can -- funds, materials, supplies, time -- our community, and others, become more alive, vital, and re-energized.

Our fundraising team members reach out to people, sharing information about Art With A Heart and encouraging support. Their outreach may take them to a specific geographic area or to seek sponsorships. They may even represent Art With A Heart at special information and donation tables located at events. Click to volunteer.

Give your time and lend your wheels to drive participants

When Art With A Heart works with vulnerable community members, we try to go to them, where they regularly meet – in their own comfortable environment – where it’s easier to connect with us. This is only possible when a shared meeting place already exists. The expense of travel time and cost is one of the barriers preventing people from experiencing the benefits of art.

Some of the people we work with can’t afford public transit, or they may not have access to a vehicle. By registering as an Art With A Heart driver you are giving the gift of art, of sharing, and caring. Click to volunteer.

Turn up your volume and join our community relations team

We rely on community partnerships to deliver programs, projects and workshops that have impact. Our ability to help people is directly linked to the number of people who know about our work and who join with us to make a difference through volunteerism, event attendance or donations.

Members of our community relations team are relationship builders that keep us connected. We need help with phone calls, writing a weekly member blog, promoting events, and fostering new partnerships. Click to volunteer.

Become a member of our volunteer Board of Directors

Each member of our board of directors is creative and actively involved in their community. We share values of respect and honour for individuals. We strive to treat each member of our team, and our participants, with the same care we would give to our own family members. We are interested in helping others improve their lives. If you are interested in applying to join our Board of Directors, click here.

Partner with us

When you partner with Art With A Heart, we invest in you and your clients. We meet with you to determine your client needs. We can build a full program of workshops, or a specific project. These are tailor-made for your special group.

Because of the special care we take to understand you and your clients, each workshop we offer is unique. The only unchanging thread through all of our programs is the enjoyment of our participants and the amazing quality of work they create.

Click here to email us and begin a partnership. We want to work with you. We want to work with your clients.