Martha Kennedy

Martha has been dancing for 10 years, and is currently working for the Markham School of Dance as an instructor and teaching assistant. This summer, she intends to acquire her Rhythm Works Integrative Dance certification (a combination of hip-hop dance and occupational-therapy-inspired movement) to teach classes for teenagers and young adults with special needs. She has volunteered several times as an assistant in movement workshops run by Elizabeth Norris at Art With a Heart, Whitby, and hopes to continue to be involved in further programs. She completed her certificate at Operation Mobilisation’s Arts Program, Incarnate 2016, which focused on how to use dance in cross-cultural settings as a tool to tell stories and spread hope, and since then has spent time in Israel, and Costa Rica doing just that! She is passionate about helping others to discover and strengthen their confidence in movement and enjoys being part of the process for others to grow and reach their goals. Her countless summers as a camp counselor, section head, and coordinator at Knox Camps, Toronto, has also played a major role in her experience with children and teenagers with varying needs.

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